1. Select the Department to Charge.
  2. State the Narrative Details of "Why do you need to process this Budget Request?".
  3. One by one, place the allocation of the expenditure(s). All fields are required to be provided. Please do not combine two[2] or more different categories, this may result to the cancellation of your request.
    WRONG: 1 allocation for Food/Transportation/Accommodation
    1 allocation for Food
    1 allocation for Transportation
    1 allocation for Accommodation
  4. You are always required to attach supporting file(s) for your request in any of these following formats:
    • PDF
    • JPG
    • PNG
    • GIF
    In case that there are no supporting file(s) to be attached, please justify the reason in the Narrative Details.
  5. You may optionally set the due date for your request. This will inform the authorizers of when you will need the budget requested.
  6. Carefully review the details then click the Submit Form button.
  7. Check your email for notification of creation.